Why Stamped Concrete?

Do you need your patio, sidewalk, driveway, pool deck, etc. to curve around your house or landscaping? Want your landscaping to match the beauty of your home? Want a textured sidewalk or pool deck so your visitors have the comfort of greater traction and safety? Want your driveway and patio to stand the test of time without having to worry about weeds growing through it?

with concrete, that’s not a problem!

Concrete vs. pavers, stone or brick

Beautiful and limitless creativity: concrete has many more options for colors and patterns. Stone or brick options are extremely limited in color, texture and pattern. Pavers are limited to brick and cobblestone patterns, while concrete has an unlimited assortment of choices!

Costs: Initial installation costs of stamped or colored concrete seem similar to that of pavers, however the added costs and time for maintenance of pavers, due to settling, shifting, heaving and washouts make concrete the more affordable choice. Costs of stone or brick installation are much greater than that of concrete.

Long term: Maintenance of your stamped concrete consists of a hose and broom, while pavers will need a future of cleaning, fixing and replacement when the pieces settle, crack and fade. Pavers’ high porosity allows for damaging results from freezing, thawing and erosion. concrete’s unique chemistry creates a non-porous surface to protect and preserve your concrete for years!

Colors & patterns

Here are some samples of patterns and colors that can be used. Keep in mind that there are always other patterns and color options, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Dry Shake Colors:

These colors are used for decorative work. Different colors can be used for the base color of the concrete and the grout lines/recessed areas.

Liquid Colors:

These colors are mixed in the concrete before it is poured. Used for stamped or regular poured concrete.